4-Way Wellness Bracelet - Alpha

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  • 4-Way Wellness Bracelet - Alpha
  • 4-Way Wellness Bracelet - Alpha
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4-Way Wellness Bracelet - Alpha - 316L stainless steel, 0.58 inches wide. Alternating technologies embedded in the links: Negative Ions (white elements), Far Infrared (red elements), 5,000 Gauss rare earth magnets (silver elements), Germanium (black elements).

What Bracelet Size Do I need? Measure around your wrist. It is best to use a tape measure. If you do not have a flexible tape measure, you can also use a piece of string, piece of paper, or any flexible material: simply wrap the material around your wrist, make a note of where it has wrapped around it, and then put the material next to a ruler. You now have your wrist circumference (wrist size). Add 1/2 inch to the measurement to ensure a comfortable fit.

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