BioElectric Shield-Level 3: Sterling Silver Round Pendant w/White Gold Tabs (Polished or Satin) (L33WG)

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Ideal if you have High EMF Exposure. Level 3 Shields give you strong EMF and personal energy protection. Ideal for you if you spend 6+ hrs. using WiFi, any electronics or need protection from other people's energy. Favored by anyone who is sensitive to energy, be it EMF or other people's energy. Calms, focuses, enhances performance. Chosen by HSP & Electromagnetically Sensitive People. 

Shield Size & Weight & materials

  •   The Round Shield is 1 1/8"
  •   The Heart Shield is 7/8"
  •   Shields weigh approximately 2 oz.
  •   We use Sterling Silver and solid 14k Gold.
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