Magnetic 8 Piece Wrap Set - Amazing deal!

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This high quality magnetic 8-piece wrap set includes more magnets and pieces than our single wraps:

1 - Magnetic Waist Wrap, with 16 magnets, at 2,500 gauss each
3 - Wrap-around belts to securely hold the magnetic disks on different parts of the body
2 - Small body disks, perfect for small areas, such as the wrist, feet or hands. Each disk has one magnet at 2,000 gauss.
2 - Large body disks, perfect for thighs, arms and legs. Each disk has 5 magnets at 3,000 gauss each.

One size fits most - these products all use velcro. They are made of long-lasting, durable stretch fabric, and are comfortable to wear.

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